Ruschenberger/Trinidad Tree Boa Corallus ruschenbergerii

Ruschenberger Tree Boa
Trinidad Tree Boa
The Ruschenberger Tree Boa, also called the Trinidad Tree Boa and the Central American Tree Boa, is native to Trinidad and Tobago, the Orinoco Basin area of South America and south Central America. Its main habitat is rainforest and swamps. They can reach nearly 7 feet long (3 metres) and are mainly nocturnal, eating rodents, bats, birds and lizards.

Cook's Tree Boa Corallus (enydris) cookii

Cook's Tree Boa
Cook's Tree Boa
Cook's Tree Boa used to be classed as a subspecies of the Garden Tree Boa (formerly Corallus enydris, now C. hortulanus). It is native to limited areas of forest on the Caribbean island of St Vincent and grows to over 1.5 metres length (5 feet). It is nocturnal.