Spanish Pond Terrapin/Turtle Mauremys leprosa

Spanish Pond Terrapin
Spanish Pond Turtle
The Spanish Pond Terrapin (called pond turtle in America) is native to most of the Iberian Peninsula and much of North Africa. Its head and visible body/legs have narrow yellow stripes on a black background rather than the spots of the European Pond Terrapin. Some of the yellow stripes can have a touch of red/pink. Its pupils are round and there's a yellow stripe behind the eye.
Juvenile Spanish Pond Terrapin
Juvenile Spanish Pond Turtle
A juvenile Spanish Pond Terrapin - the scales on its scute (shell) don't seem to have fused yet?
terrapin pile
terrapin pile
The yellow spotted and striped terrapin practising swimming out of the water on top of the Yellow-bellied Slider Terrapin is believed to be a young Spanish Pond Terrapin. Seen in Tenerife, it is far more spotted than the typical Spanish Pond Turtles. (It could even be a hybrid Spanish and European, if they can hybridise?)
terrapin eyes The pupils are rectangular, horizontal, like the European Pond Terrapin (and American Sliders). Some red on neck and legs.
terrapin back The back end is ornate - different from the Slider's back end.
terrapins With group of three Yellow-bellied Sliders. Has less-domed shell and straight back claws.