Mandrill Mandrillus sphinx

Mandrill male
Mandrill - Blowing his own trumpet
The Mandrill is native to tropical forests of the west side of Central Africa (Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo and Gabon). It is the largest monkey and is related to Drills and Baboons.
Mandrill adult male
The adult breeding male is the most colourful monkey, with brown body fur, a white belly and ear patches, orange-yellow beard/chin, bizarre muzzle with elongated, scarlet nose and pale blue, ridged sides, red mouth and pale blue, red, pink and purple bottom. Non-breeding males (above) are a muted version and females/juveniles are plainer brown with white bellies.
Mandrill adult male Adult male (non-dominant/non-breeding)
Mandrill female Female
Mandrill youngster Youngster
Mandrills usually walk on all fours. They can use sticks as simple tools and live in large social troupes or hordes.
Mandrill Youngster observing and learning from young adult male.