Hamadryas Baboon Papio hamadryas

Hamadryas Baboons
Hamadryas Baboons
Hamadryas Baboons
The Hamadryas Baboon is native to the Horn of Africa (East Africa) and the neighbouring Middle East. They live in mixed groups led by dominant males with harems of females.
The male is significantly larger and greyer than the female; the photos above that look like parent and child are actually males with female partners.
Hamadryas Baboon male
Hamadryas Baboons male and female
Hamadryas Baboons juveniles
The adult male Hamadryas Baboon (above left) has grey fur with wide, frizzy head and chest hair; the female (pair above centre) is much smaller, leaner and browner without the wide head hair; youngsters (above right) resemble the female but are smaller still.