Bees pollinate a third of the food consumed by humans. Without them, especially the Honey Bee, the world would starve.
Buff-tailed bumblebee queen
Buff-tailed queen Bombus terrestris
Buff-tailed bumblebee worker
Buff-tailedworker/male Bombus terrestris
White-tailed bumblebee queen
White-tailed queen/worker Bombus lucorum
White-tailed bumblebee male
White-tailed male Bombus lucorum
Garden bumblebee worker
Garden queen/worker/male Bombus hortorum
Large Garden bumblebee
Large Garden q/w/m Bombus ruderatus
Tree bumblebee worker
Tree queen/worker/male Bombus hypnorum
Tree bumblebee worker
Tree melanistic Bombus hypnorum
Red-tailed bumblebee worker
Red-tailed queen/worker Bombus lapidarius
Red-tailed bumblebee male
Red-tailed male Bombus lapidarius
Early bumblebee worker
Early queen/worker Bombus pratorum
Early bumblebee male
Early male Bombus pratorum
Cuckoo Vestal bumblebee female
Cuckoo Vestal female Bombus vestalis
Cuckoo Vestal bumblebee male
Cuckoo Vestal male Bombus vestalis
Commmon Carder bumblebee worker
Cmn Carder queen/worker Bombus pascuorum
Commmon Carder bumblebee male
Common Carder male Bombus pascuorum
Carder-type bee
early season Cmn Carder Bombus pascuorum
Carder-type bee
Cmn Carder?
Bombus pascuorum?
Shrill Carder bee
Shrill Carder Bombus sylvarum
Red-shanked Carder Bee
Red-shanked Carder Bombus ruderarius
other bumblebees
other Bumblebees
Italian Honey bee
Italian Honey Bee Apis mellifera ligustica
Dark Honey bee
Dark/Black Honey Bee Apis mellifera mellifera
Male Honey Bee
Male Honey Bee Apis mellifera
Bee swarm
Re-homing Honey Bees
Feral Chimney Bees
Feral Chimney Bees



electric-winged Carpenter Bee
Violet Carpenter Bee
Spring Flower bee Spring Flower Bee - f
Spring Flower bee Spring Flower Bee - m
Red Mason Bee
Red Mason Bee
Three's a crowd
Three's a crowd
Anthidium manicatum Wool Carder Bee - m
Wool carding Wool Carder Bee - f
Tawny Mining Bee Tawny Mining Bee
Ashen bee
Ashen Bee
osmia mason bee? ashy mining bee?
Ashy Mining Bee
Shrill Carder type
Tawny mining bee?
Tiny white-tailed black
Tiny black and white bee

white-bellied bee - Osmia niveata or Megachile willoughbiella?
Osmia niveata - f?















honey male??


Bee or wasp?
Leafcutter bee? leafcutter bee?
pollenbelly - mason or leafcutter
mason or leafcutter
Melecta albifrons - f
Nomada species of cuckoo bee
Cuckoo bee: Nomada sp.
Nomada goodeniana cuckoo bee
Nomada goodeniana
Canarian Bumblebee Canarian Bumblebee
Canarian Bumblebee Canarian Bumblebee
Madeiran Bumblebee Madeiran Bumblebee
Anthophora Anthophora sp
Amegilla quadrifasciata White-banded Digger
Anthophora maderae Anthophora maderae
Blue-banded Bee - Amegilla cingulataBlue-banded Bee
Thyreus histrionicus

Cuckoo Bee:
Thyreus histrionicus

bees in plant Kazakh steppe