Magnificent Flower Beetle Mecynorhina polyphemus (also Chelorrhina polyphemus; err Mecynorrhina polyphemus)

Magnificent Flower Beetle
Giant African Fruit Beetle
This large beetle goes by many common names including the Magnificent Flower Beetle, Giant African Fruit Beetle and the Lesser Goliath Beetle. It is native to forests of tropical Africa.
Magnificent Flower Beetle male
Giant African Fruit Beetle male
Lesser Goliath Beetle male
The adult male has a velvety appearance of his green and pale yellow back and a frontal horn used for fighting rival males.
Magnificent Flower Beetle female
Giant African Fruit Beetle female
Lesser Goliath Beetle female
The adult female has a shiny appearance and can have a green or a brown background colour. She doesn't have a horn.
Magnificent Flower Beetle
Magnificent Flower Beetle
Magnificent Flower Beetle
Size comparison with Sun Beetle and grape. The male can grow to 8 cm long; the Mecynorhina genus has some of the largest beetles (after the Goliath, Elephant and Titan families). Despite their size, they fly well. Diet is leaf litter and rotting wood for grubs (larvae) and tree sap and fruit for adults.