Ladybird - Packed Lunch Coccinella septempunctata


7-spot ladybird eats aphid The Gardener's Friend takes an aphid for lunch
Seven-spot ladybird eats another aphid and another
Ladybird eating aphid and finally the last one


7-spot ladybird with ant An ant "spots" a ladybird near its aphids
Ant attacks Seven-spot Ladybird The ant stings the ladybird underneath its armoured top
Ant attacks Ladybird to protect aphid This ladybird locked down and the ant can't penetrate the armour
7-spot ladybird with aphids and ants
Ants attack Seven-spot Ladybird
Ants farm aphids for their honeydew excretion and will protect their herd from marauding ladybirds.
Seven-spot Ladybird?
Is this a 7-spot?


Packed lunch
Spider packing up ladybird
Spider wrapping up ladybird
Sometimes the ladybird itself is the prey on the menu. This spider is busy wrapping the larger and struggling ladybird in sticky webbing as a packed lunch.
Hello lunch "Hello lunch"
Spider packing up ladybird for lunch
Spider packing up ladybird