Two-spot Ladybird Adalia bipunctata

Two-spot Ladybird
Two-spot Ladybird
The Two-spot Ladybird is native to most of Europe and also to North America where it is called the Two-spotted Ladybug. It is much smaller and less common than the Seven-spot.
2-spot ladybird
Two-spot ladybird eating aphids
2-spot Ladybirds mating
Two-spot Ladybirds are avid aphid eaters
Two-spot Ladybird
More Two-spot Ladybirds in regular costume.
The Lady magazine
She always wanted to be in a magazine -- The Lady perhaps.

Although they generally are red with two black spots, despite their name they can be quite variable and have none or several spots. There is also a melanistic (black) version which usually has four red spots - not to be confused with the larger Harlequins which have brown rather than black legs nor the smaller Pine Ladybirds.

2-spot pupa
Two-spot Ladybird pupa.
Two-spot Ladybird pupa
2-spot pupa compared to Harlequin
Two-spot Ladybird pupae compared to the larger Harlequin pupae.