Twenty-four-spot Ladybird Subcoccinella 24-punctata/vigintiquattuorpunctata

24-spot ladybird
Twenty-four-spot ladybird
24-spot Ladybird
The Twenty-four-spot Ladybird is covered in short hairs so it doesn't look as shiny as other ladybirds. Also, unlike most other red ladybirds with black spots, it is vegetarian.
24-spot ladybird fused spots
Twenty-four-spot Ladybird
Twentyfour spot ladybird
Spots are variable, often fused (as in the photo above) and some don't have spots. Also most don't have wings. They eat grass and plant matter.
24-spot with 7-spot ladybird
Twenty-four-spot and seven-spot Ladybirds
Size comparison of twentyfour spot ladybird
It is much smaller and less common than the Seven-spot -- size comparison above shows Seven-spot and the smaller 24-spots.
24-spot ladybird symmetry
24-spot ladybird symmetry The symmetry
Twenty-four-spot Ladybird's brown legs The brown legs -- not to be confused with the much larger and shiny Harlequins with brown legs