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African fruit beetle Cetonia/Protaetia aeruginosa African Fruit
African Green Jewel Beetle Afr. Green Jewel
African Purple Jewel Beetle Afr. Purple Jewel
Derbyan's Buffalo Beetle Derbyan's Buffalo
Buffalo Beetle Buffalo
Cyan-blue Flower beetle Cyan-blue Flower
Horned Flower beetle Horned Flower
Horned Flower beetle Horned Flower
Himalayan Flower beetle Himalayan Flower
Cyan-blue Flower beetle Cyan-blue Flower
Flower beetle Flower beetle
Hercules beetle Hercules Beetle
Beckeri's Rhinoceros Beetle Beckeri's Rhinoceros B.
Chafer Kazakhstan chafer
Magnificent flower M polyphemus Giant Afr. Fruit
Lesser Goliath beetle Lesser Goliath
mecynorhina oberthuri male Tanzanian fruit beetle Mecynorhina oberthuri - m
mecynorhina oberthuri female Mecynorhina oberthuri - f
Giant Flower mecynorhina ugandensis male Giant Flower M. ugandensis
Fregate Giant Tenebrionid Beetle Fregate Giant
Carabus cicatricosus Kazakhstan Carabus cicatricosus
Dorcadion ribbei Striped Longhorn beetle Striped Longhorn Dorcadion ribbei
Ornate Sun Beetle Ornate Sun
Saddled Sun Beetle Pachnoda marginata Saddled Sun Beetle
Yellow-bellied Sun Pachnoda sinuata Yellow-bellied Sun
Garden Fruit Chafer Pachnoda sinuata Garden Fruit Chafer P. sinuata
Fruit Beetle Pachnoda ephippiata Pachnoda ephippiata
Sunburst Diving Beetle Sunburst Diving
Domino beetle Anthia sexguttata Domino
Egyptian Ground beetle Anthia nimrod Egyptian Ground
Ground beetle Anthia sexmaculata Anthia sexmaculata
Ground beetle Anthia fabricii Ground Anthia fabricii
White-spotted barbary Beetle Cyprus White-spotted Barbary
White-spotted barbary Beetle Kazakhstan White-spotted Rose
beetles in crown daisy
Mylabris quadripunctata Mylabris quadripunctata
Mylabris audouini? Mylabris audouini?
Mylabris calida Mylabris calida
Blister beetle Kazakhstan Blister beetle
Hycleus cincta Hycleus cincta?
Hycleus scabiosae Hycleus scabiosae
blister beetle blister
beetle Tenerife
Ladybird TenerifeLadybirds
Ladybird MadeiraLadybirds
Huhu beetleHuhu beetle
Beetle Australia(Aust.)
cellar beetle blaps pruinosa Kazakhstan Blaps pruinosa cellar
Desert Beetle TenebrionidDesert Beetle Tenebrionid
Tagona macrophthalma?Tagona macrophthalma?
dungbeetles gymnopleurus species Dung dweller
dung beetleDung earth-borer
dung roller beetleDung roller
rove beetle? CyprusRove Beetles
Weevil TenerifeWeevils
VW BeetleVW Beetle