Ladybirds Ladybirds
Willow Leaf Beetle Plagiodera versicolora? Plagiodera versicolora
Flea beetle Crepidodera aurata Flea Beetles
Red lily beetle Red Lily Beetle
May bug May Bug
Rose chafer Rose Chafer
Leaf beetle - Cryptocephalus aureolusCryptocephalus aureolus
single streaked bombardier beetle Single-spotted Bombardier
Red-tipped flower beetleRed-tipped Flower Beetle
Thick-legged flower beetleThick-legged Flower Beetle (m)
Oedemera luridaOedemera lurida
Red-headed cardinal beetleRed-headed Cardinal
Black-headed cardinal beetleBlack-headed Cardinal
Black and yellow spotted longhorn beetleBlack & Yellow Spotted Longhorn
Agapanthia_villosoviridescensGolden-bloomed Grey Longhorn
other longhorn beetlesoth. Long Horn Beetles
Lesser stag beetle maleLesser Stag Beetle (m)
Stag beetle female Lesser Stag Beetle (f)
orange beetle Sphaeroderma rubidum?Sphaeroderma rubidum
Chrysolina banksi leaf beetle Chrysolina banksi
Cereal Leaf BeetleCereal Leaf Beetle
green beetle 2
Leaf beetlesAltica Flea beetle
Leaf beetleMore Leaf Beetles
Wasp beetleWasp Beetle
Wasp nest beetle Wasp Nest Beetle
Larder beetleLarder Beetle
Reed beetles Donacia simplexReed Beetle
Golden Reed BeetleGolden Reed Beetle
Red soldier beetle Red Soldier Beetle
Black-tipped soldier beetleBlack-tipped Soldier
Sailor beetleSailor Beetle
cantharis rusticaCantharis rustica
other soldier beetlesother Soldier Beetles
ground beetle Anchomenus dorsalisAnchomenus dorsalis
Ground beetle redGround Beetle
Crucifix ground beetleCrucifix Ground Beetle
ground beetle 2Ground Beetle
ground beetle with antsGround Beetle
Ground Beetle
Ground beetle redGround Beetle
ground beetle 4Ground Beetle
Ground beetle redGround Beetle
Ground beetle greenGround Beetle
ground beetle 3Ground Beetle
Ground Beetle
Darkling - Churchyard beetleChurchyard Beetle
Cassida vibexTortoise Beetle
white-spotted beetle
Devils coach horseDevil's Coach Horse
Rove beetleRove Beetle
Rove beetleRove Beetle
Rove beetleRove Beetle
Rove beetle nymphRove Beetle
Brown Rove beetleRove Beetle
other rove beetlesother Rove Beetles
Variegated carpet beetleVariegated Carpet
Fur beetleFur Beetle
Athous haemorrhoidalisRedbrown Click Beetle
other click beetlesother Click Beetles
Furniture beetleFurniture beetle
Woodworm furniture beetleWoodworm/Furniture beetle
Burying beetle - Nicrophous humatorBurying Beetle
Water beetleWater Beetle
Viburnum Leaf Beetle larvaViburnum Leaf Beetle
Black vine weevilBlack Vine Weevil
Green Nettle WeevilLeaf/Green Nettle Weevil
Leaf weevilLeaf Weevil
Common weevilsCommon Weevils
Acorn weevilAcorn Weevil
other weevilsother Weevils
Red line
Black and red froghopperFroghoppers
Blue ShieldbugShieldbugs
Mirid bugMirid bugs
Water boatmanWater Boatmen
German cockroachCockroach
Red line
Beetles make up around a quarter of all known animal species and nearly half of all insect species
White-spotted Barbary/Rose BeetleEuropean (non-UK)
Fruit Beetle/Chafer African
Domino Beetle Asian
Huhu Beetle Australasian
Sunburst Diving BeetleAmerican
Volkswagen BeetleVolkswagen Beetle
Red line
Blister Beetle Kazakhstan
Blister Beetle
Hycleus scabiosae Kazakhstan
Hycleus scabiosae
Hycleus cincta Kazakhstan
Hycleus cincta?
Mylabris calida blister beetles
Mylabris calida
mylabris quadripunctata blister beetle
Mylabris quadripunctata
Mylabris audouini?
Mylabris audouini?
blister beetle