Malabar/Blue-winged Parakeet Psittacula columboides

Malabar Parakeet The Malabar Parakeet, also called the Blue-winged Parakeet comes from southern India. It is closely related to the Emerald-collared (Layard's) Parakeet in Sri Lanka and is generally from the long-tailed Ring-neck species of parakeets.
Blue-winged Malabar Parakeet The male Malabar Parakeet has bluish-green on the front of his face, a red beak and a double collar of black with luminous bluish-green.
Blue-winged Malabar Parakeet female The female Malabar Parakeet has a grey face, a black beak and a single black collar.
Malabar Parakeet female
Malabar Parakeet Blue-winged male