Forsten's/Sunset/Red-breasted/Scarlet-breasted Lorikeet Trichoglossus (haematodus) forsteni

Forsten's Lorikeet
Sunset Lorikeet
Red-breasted Lorikeet
Forsten's, also called Sunset and Red-/Scarlet-breasted, Lorikeet has a dark black head flecked with blue at the front, a yellow nape with dark feathers below the nape, plain bright red breast with no black feather edges, black stomach and green thighs with a little yellow flecking. It comes from Indonesian islands including Bali and Lombok Sumbawa.
Sunset Lorikeets
Scarlet-breasted Lorikeet
Forsten's Lorikeet
Forsten's Lorikeet used to be a "Rainbow" lorikeet subspecies in the "haematodus" species. It has now been moved to its own species, "forsteni" - "Sunset" lorikeets. It is the nominate Sunset and has three related subspecies moved with it (Mitchell's below, Stresemann's and Djampea).

Mitchell's Lorikeet Trichoglossus (prev. haematodus)/forsteni mitchelli

Mitchell's Lorikeet
Mitchell's Lorikeet
Mitchell's Lorikeet is similar to the Forsten's with its dark head, yellow nape, dark pinky-red breast without black-edged feathers and dark belly, but it has no blue or very little blue on its face and a slight flecking of green on its head. It also comes from Bali and Lombok Islands, Indonesia.
Mitchell's lorikeets Some Mitchell's Lorikeets have dark green heads and bellies.
Mitchell's lorikeet Mitchell's Lorikeet
probable mixed race Mitchell's lorikeet Suspected mixed race Mitchell's Lorikeet (no dark below collar) seen in Sydney suburb. Yellow on "shoulder" and red bill suggests some native Rainbow (Swainson's) Lorikeet heritage.
There are many other subspecies, not all illustrated here
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