White-bellied Green-thighed Caique Pionites leucogaster

White-bellied Caique yellow-thighed
White-bellied Caique
The Green-thighed Caique (also called Parrot) is native to Brazil mainly south of the Amazon. Like an Irish flag in orange, white and green, it's green thighs distinguish it from close relatives.
Green-thighed Caique
White-bellied Caique
Until recently, there were only 2 species of caique: the Black-headed and the White-bellied. The White-bellied, also called White-breasted and Apricot-headed, had three subspecies: the Green-thighed Caique (nominal, shown here), the Yellow-thighed p.l. xanthomeria, and the Yellow-tailed p.l. xanthurus, (as yellow-thighed with yellow upper tail). These have now been split into separate full species.