(Great/Black) Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo

Great Cormorant
Great Cormorant, a blue-eyed, prehistoric-looking bird which dives for fish. Found almost globally, these ones were on the River Thames and the Regents Canal, both in central London. The first word of the bird's scientific name, which sounds like a line from the pop hit "Zabadak" or something worse, means "bald raven".
Characteristic pose to dry feathers
The nest
Called just "Cormorant" in the UK where it is the only native cormorant likely to be seen.
One of several species of cormorant and related shag throughout the world, this one with its white neck plumes could be the European continental subspecies P. c. sinensis, which visits the UK, or could be the nominal P. c. carbo subspecies in UK which can grow white neck/head plumes in the breeding season.
Cormorants sometimes flock together in large numbers, -- here together with Grey Herons who provide look-out duty from a higher vantage point
Cormorants and Pelicans on the Caspian
White-headed cormorant on the Seine, Paris (sinensis subspecies)
Cormorants and Gull on River Thames, London
Young Cormorant
A juvenile Cormorant
Looking somewhat like a Dodo (but able to fly)
Butterfly faceButterfly face? Who, me?
Cormorants in flight