Pintail (Northern Pintail) Anas acuta

Pintail duck
Northern Pintail drake
Northern Pintail
The Pintail, also called the Northern Pintail to distinguish it from southern species, is native to the northern hemisphere of the Americas, Europe and Asia. It breeds in the north of its range and migrates south to winter. Only the male, above in breeding plumage, has the long, thin, forked tail that gives the species its name. The brown mallard-like female pintail, below, does not have a long tail.
Northern Pintail pair
No, I've got a headache
"I can't believe I heard you say that"
The blue-billed male is much larger than the female
Pintail drake A little green shows on his head in the right light
Pintail Headless chicken
Pintail male In eclipse plumage he loses the white neck-stripe but retains his plumed cloak
Northern Pintail female The female Pintail . . .
Pintail female . . . doesn't have a pin tail
Pintail male The olive green speculum (wing-flash)
Northern Pintails Pintails
Northern Pintail male eclipse Male Pintail eclipse (autumn/winter) plumage?