White-cheeked Pintail Bahama Pintail Anas bahamensis

Bahama Pintail
White-cheeked Pintail
Bahama White-cheeked Pintail
The White-cheeked or Bahama Pintail from the Americas (mainly Central including Caribbean islands) is distinguished from the similar, related Red-billed Teal from Africa by:
bright white cheeks, a lot of black on the bill and light top feathers on tail. (Plumage of duck and drake is similar but drake is larger.)
Preening -- showing pintail-like neck
After preening, check look in the mirror
The conductor
Comparison: White-cheeked Pintail (back) with Red-billed Teal
It looks like an oak leaf to me

Silver Pintail/ Silver Bahama Pintail
Anas bahamensis fonna alba

The Silver Pintail is a colour variant of the White-cheeked Pintail (Bahama Pintail).