Mallard Anas platyrhynchos

2. Mallard Female and Young
Mallard female
Duck in Hyde park fountain
The female mallard has a more muted beauty than the male, with a delicate light brown edging and centre line to her chocolate brown feathers and a bright blue wing-flash (speculum). She also has her eyeliner right through the centre of her eye (not so prominent on the darker-faced one on the right).
Conductor "Let us pray"
Mallard angel "They said I could be an angel in the nativity play."
Mallard angel "Me too."
Mallard duck The crested duck reflection
Mallard The juvenile male looks similar to the female but has a yellow beak. Some metallic green feathers are starting to show on this one's head.
Young ducks in line
Young males
"Calm down Dear!"
Mallard ducklings