Feral Pigeon (Feral/Rock Dove) Columba livia domestica

Feral Pigeon
Feral Pigeon
The Feral/Town Pigeon has adapted to live close to humans, and, like people, large groups are resident in our towns. They can be found throughout most of the populated world.
Feral Pigeons
Town Pigeons
Male and female (above) are of similar appearance and both have the metallic green-purple sheen on the neck, less so in winter and more so in the breeding season, but the breeding male (top row) has more iridescence on his neck, spreading onto the chest which he inflates when courting.
Pigeon The green/purple sheen is not prevalent on white plumage
Pigeon Normal stance of male (melanistic) Pigeon
Pigeon Courting stance of male with inflated chest (and pinhead eyes)
Pigeon gathering nesting material Gathering nesting material
Pigeon Shouldn't it be an olive branch?
Pigeon with nest material Both male and female are gathering the twigs
Pigeon She gathers the soft furnishings
Pigeon sunbathing Pigeons enjoy sunbathing
Pigeon iceskating but are less keen on iceskating