Small Magpie Moth Eurrhypara hortulata

Small Magpie moth A poor photo of the Small Magpie moth but shows the usual resting position. It is a so-called "micro" moth that is larger than many "macro" moths.
Small Magpie moth A far better photo of the Small Magpie moth, kindly provided by Jeff Davies, taken in spring 2011. Wingspan 24-28mm; UK flight time Jun-Jul.
Small Magpie moth
Small Magpie moth Another Small Magpie moth showing its usual shape, kindly provided by Chris Henry.

Magpie Moth
Abraxas grossulariata

Magpie moth The Magpie moth is not only significantly larger than the (unrelated) Small Magpie above, but has yellow markings on its wings. Wingspan 35-40mm; UK flight time Jul-Aug.