Copper Underwing Moth Amphipyra pyramidea

Copper Underwing moth A Copper Underwing moth,
with distinguishing small, round, white-bordered spot in the centre of each forewing.
Copper Underwing moth Showing the copper-coloured underwings.
Wingspan: 40-52mm; UK flight time Aug-Oct.
Copper Underwing moth
Copper Underwing moth
From the top, the Copper Underwing (more prevalent in south of England) and the Svensson's Copper Underwing (declared a separate species in the late 1960s and more prevalent in north of England) look similar. Each varies within its species but the top and side views cannot determine the species.
One determining factor is the front view of the "palps" on the moth's face: in the Svensson case they are dark fronted (flecked with some light hairs) with light tips and in the standard Copper Underwing they are light fronted (flecked with dark) with light tips. On that basis, it is hard to determine which of the two the above moth is (photographed in NW London).
Copper Underwing moth From the underside, the palps seem lighter at the front.
Copper Underwing moth Another determining feature is the underside of the hindwings: the Copper Underwing has a light central area framed by dark edging whereas the Svensson's is fairly uniform. On that basis, this moth is the standard Copper Underwing.
Copper Underwing male
Copper Underwing moth
Copper Underwing moth
Three other individuals: the first shows the white spot clearly; in the second it is hardly visible; the third battered specimen, while not a good picture, shows a peek of the copper under-wing.