Six-spot Burnet Moth Zygaena filipendulae

Wingspan: 30-38 mm Six-spot Burnet moth with bee The 6-spot Burnet day-flying moth with Carder bumble bee (and flower beetle).
UK flight time: mid Jun-Aug Six-spot Burnet moth on scabious The Burnet moth wings have a blue-green metallic sheen.
6-spot Burnet moth on scabious Burnet moths have a black, furry body, also iridescent blue-green
Six-spot Burnet moth on buttercup There are six red spots in pairs on each top wing.
6-spot burnet moth The antennae are like a waxed moustache.
Six-spot Burnet moth on knapweed The six spots occasionally blend together in twos.
5-spot burnet moths on knapweed More of the body
6-spot Burnet moth on scabious On scabious
Six-spot Burnet moth showing red under-wing
6-spot Burnet moth showing red under-wing
Six-spot Burnet moth showing red under-wing
Like its 5-spot cousins, the 6-spot Burnet has red under-wings bordered in black.
Six-spot Burnet moth's cocoon
6-spot Burnet cocoon predated
Six-spot Burnet cocoon and remains of chrysalis
The papery cocoon and black chrysalis are also similar to that of the 5-spots, also attached to grass stems near the larval foodplants.
The hole in the cocoon in the centre photo above indicates a parasitic wasp emerged; the cocoon above right with remains of pupa shows that a Burnet Moth emerged.