DAY-FLYING MOTHS  (many fly by day and night) English common names shown where available; where not, scientific names shown.

Hummingbird Hawk-moth

Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet Moth
5-spot Burnet

Five-spot Burnet Moth
5-spot Burnet
Six-spot Burnet Moth
6-spot Burnet
Burnet Companion
Burnet Companion
Chimney Sweeper Moth
Chimney Sweeper
Cinnabar Moth
Cream-spot Tiger moth
Cream-spot Tiger
Scarlet Tiger moth
Scarlet Tiger
Jersey Tiger moth
Jersey Tiger
Ruby Tiger moth
Ruby Tiger
Mint Moth aurata
Mint Moth - Golden
Crimson Speckled Footman moth
Crimson Speckled
The Forester moth
The Forester
Silver Y Moth
Silver Y
Essex Y Moth
Essex Y
Hymenia recurvalis moth
Hawaiian Beet Webworm
Mother Shipton Moth
Mother Shipton
Shaded Broad-bar Moth
Shaded Broad-bar
Common Heath Moth
Common Heath
Common Heath Moth
Common Heath
Latticed Heath Moth
Latticed Heath
Middle-barred Minor Moth
Middle-barred Minor
Vapourer moth
Oak Eggar Moth
Oak Eggar
Straw Dot moth
Straw Dot
Nettle-tap moth
Ypsolopha ustella Variable Smudge
Variable Smudge
Drab Looper moth
Drab Looper
Drab Looper moth
Drab Looper
Green Oak Roller Tortrix
Green Oak Roller
Fairy Moth Green Longhorn
Green Longhorn Fairy
Fairy Moth nemo
Fairy Moth
Grapholita jungiella moth
Grapholita jungiella
Pea moth
Pea Moth
Timothy Tortrix
Timothy Tortrix
Esperia sulphurella
Sulphur Tubic
Dichrorampha vancouverana
Dichrorampha vancouverana
Dichrorampha plumbana day-flying moth
Dichrorampha plumbana
Eriocrania subpurpurella
Eriocrania subpurpurella
Epichnopterix plumella moth
Epichnopterix plumella
Argyresthia goedartella
Argyresthia goedartella

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 Moths and butterflies are in the order Lepidoptera, from the Greek for scales on their wings, the scales making up the colours and patterns.
Moths don't have the clubbed antennae that most butterflies have.
 There are some 2,500 species of moth in the UK.

 NIGHT-FLYING MOTHS  (mainly night-flying but can be disturbed in the day)

Elephant Hawk-moth
Elephant Hawk-moth
Elephant Hawk Moth
Elephant Hawk-moth
Eyed Hawk-moth
Eyed Hawk-moth
Lime Hawk-moth
Lime Hawk-moth
Merveille du jour
Merveille du jour
Poplar Hawk-moth
Poplar Hawk-moth
Poplar Hawk-moth
Poplar Hawk-moth
Burnished Brass Moth
Burnished Brass
Small Elephant Hawk-moth
Small Elephant H-m
The Spectacle moth
The Spectacle
Garden Tiger moth
Garden Tiger
Brimstone moth
Puss Moth
Puss Moth
July High Flier moth
July High Flier
Dusky Thorn moth
Dusky Thorn
Canary-shouldered Thorn moth
Canary-shouldered Thorn
Death's-head Hawk-moth
Death's-head Hawk-moth
Swallow Prominent moth
Swallow Prominent
Peach Blossom moth
Peach Blossom
Scalloped Oak
Scalloped Oak
Privet Hawk-moth
Privet Hawk-moth
Scarce Silver-lines moth
Scarce Silver-lines
Small Magpie moth
Small Magpie
Swallow-tailed Moth
Blotched Emerald moth
Blotched Emerald
Twenty Plume moth
20 Plume
Pink-barred Sallow moth
Pink-barred Sallow
Old Lady moth
Old Lady
Buff-tip moth
Buff Tip
Angle Shades moth
Angle Shades
Green Silver-lines moth
Green Silver-lines
Early Thorn moth
Early Thorn
Pale Tussock moth
Pale Tussock
White Satin moth
White Satin
Grey Dagger Moth
Grey Dagger
White Ermine moth
White Ermine
Buff Ermine moth
Buff Ermine
Barred Yellow moth
Barred Yellow
Ghost Moth female
Ghost Moth (f)
Orange Swift moth
Orange Swift
Common Swift moth male
Common Swift (m)
Common Swift moth female
Common Swift (f)
Yellow Shell moth
Yellow Shell
Yellow Shell moth
Yellow Shell
Pine Hawk-moth
Pine Hawk-moth
Common Emerald moth
Common Emerald
Light Emerald moth
Light Emerald
Light Emerald moth
Light Emerald
Grass Emerald moth
Grass Emerald - faded
Light Arches moth
Light Arches
Buff Arches moth
Buff Arches
Dark Arches moth
Dark Arches
Black Arches moth
Black Arches
Kent Black Arches moth
Kent Black Arches
Frosted Orange moth
Frosted Orange
Large Emerald moth
Large Emerald
The Flame moth
The Flame
Lesser Swallow Prominent moth
Lsr. Swallow Prominent
Pale Prominent Moth
Pale Prominent
The Magpie moth
The Magpie
Lunar Marbled Brown
Lunar Marbled Brown
The Snout moth
The Snout
The Drinker moth
The Drinker
Large Ranunculus moth
Large Ranunculus
Small Ranunculus moth
Small Ranunculus
The Lychnis moth
The Lychnis
The Sallow moth - form 1
The Sallow - form 1
The Sallow moth - form 2
The Sallow - form 2
Centre-barred Sallow moth
Centre-barred Sallow
Barred Straw
Barred Straw
Large Yellow Underwing moth
Large Yellow Underwing
Large Yellow Underwing
Large Yellow Underwing
Lesser Yellow Underwing moth
Lesser Yellow U'wing

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing moth      Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Copper Underwing moth
Copper Underwing
Lunar Underwing moth
Lunar Underwing
Red Underwing moth
Red Underwing
Red Underwing moth
Red Underwing 
Straw Underwing moth
Straw Underwing 
Straw Underwing
Straw Underwing 
Bordered Straw moth
Bordered Straw 
Flame Shoulder moth
Flame Shoulder 
Lunar-spotted Pinion moth
Lunar-spotted Pinion
Setaceous Hebrew Character moth
Setaceous Hebrew Ch.
Mother of Pearl moth
Mother of Pearl
Grass Webworm moth
Grass Webworm
Peppered Moth
Yellow tail moth
Brown China Mark moth
Brown China Mark
Crowned Phlyctaenia moth
Crowned Phlyctaenia
Oak Hook-tip moth male
Oak Hook-tip (m)
Oak Hook-tip moth female
Oak Hook-tip (f)
Beautiful Hook-tip moth
Beautiful Hook-tip
Pebble Hook-tip moth
Pebble Hook-tip 
Willow Beauty antennae
Willow Beauty
Willow Beauty moth
Willow Beauty
Mottled Beauty moth
Mottled Beauty
Feathered Thorn moth
Feathered Thorn
The Brick moth
The Brick
Marbled Beauty moth - green
Marbled Beauty - green
Marbled Beauty moth - grey
Marbled Beauty - grey
Blood Vein moth
Maiden's Blush moth
Maiden's Blush 
Brown Silver-line moth
Brown Silver-line
Common Rustic moth
Common Rustic
Common Rustic
Common Rustic
Lesser Common Rustic moth
Lesser Common Rustic
Square-spot Rustic moth
Square-spot Rustic
Square-spot Rustic
Square-spot Rustic
Small Square-spot moth
Small Square-spot
Double Square-spot moth
Double Square-spot 
Vine's Rustic moth
Vine's Rustic
Brown Rustic moth
Brown Rustic
The Uncertain moth
The Uncertain
Six-striped Rustic moth
Six-striped Rustic
Heart and Dart moth
Heart and Dart
Heart and Club moth
Heart and Club
Shuttle-shaped Dart moth
Shuttle-shaped Dart 
Smokey Wainscot moth
Smokey Wainscot
Common Wainscot moth
Common Wainscot
Shoulder-striped Wainscot moth
Shoulder-striped W'scot
Southern Wainscot moth
Southern Wainscot
Small Wainscot moth
Small Wainscot
The Delicate moth
The Delicate
Bright-line Brown-eye moth
Bright-line Brown-eye
Lesser Treble-bar moth
Lesser Treble-bar
Treble-bar moth
Treble Lines moth
Treble Lines
Oak Lutestring moth
Oak Lutestring
Poplar Grey moth
Poplar Grey
Nut-tree Tussock
Nut-tree Tussock
The Nutmeg moth
 The Nutmeg
The Streamer
The Streamer
Figure of Eight moth
Figure of Eight
Figure of Eighty moth
Figure of Eighty
Ground Lackey moth
Ground Lackey
Frosted Green moth
Frosted Green
Brindled Green moth
Brindled Green
Green-brindled Crescent moth
Green-brindled Crescent
The Clay moth
 The Clay
Ingrailed Clay moth
 Ingrailed Clay
Hebrew Character moth
Hebrew Character
Pale Mottled Willow
Pale Mottled Willow
Pale Brindled Beauty
Pale Brindled Beauty
Small Phoenix moth
Small Phoenix
Blue-bordered Carpet moth
Blue-bordered Carpet
Garden Carpet moth
Garden Carpet
Common Carpet moth
Common Carpet
Common Carpet moth
Common Carpet
Silver-ground Carpet moth
Silver-ground Carpet
Common Marbled Carpet moth
Common Marbled Carpet
Common Marbled Carpet pink
Common Marbled Carpet
Common Marbled Carpet dark
Common Marbled Carpet
Green Carpet moth
Green Carpet
Green Carpet moth - faded
Green Carpet - faded
Autumn Green Carpet moth
Autumn Green Carpet
Red-green Carpet moth
Red-green Carpet
Grey Pine Carpet moth
Grey Pine Carpet
Grey Pine Carpet moth 2
Grey Pine Carpet
Spruce Carpet moth
Spruce Carpet
Least Carpet moth
Least Carpet
Common Wave moth
Common Wave
Common White Wave moth
Common White Wave
Clouded Silver moth
Clouded Silver
Ribband Wave moth - form 1
Riband Wave - form 1
Ribband Wave - form 1
Riband Wave - form 1
Ribband Wave moth - form 2
Riband Wave - form 2
Waved Umber moth
Waved Umber
Small Fan-footed Wave moth
Small Fan-footed Wave
Small Dusty Wave moth
Small Dusty Wave
Mullein Wave moth
Mullein Wave
Treble Brown Spot moth
Treble Brown Spot
Single-dotted Wave moth
Single-dotted wave
The Blackneck moth
The Blackneck
Mottled Umber moth
Mottled Umber
November Moth?November Moth Winter Moth
Winter Moth
The Fan-foot moth
The Fan-foot
Small Fan-foot moth
Small Fan-foot
Dun-bar moth
Knot Grass moth
Knot Grass
Marbled White Spot moth
Marbled White Spot
Mouse Moth
Mouse Moth
Common Quaker moth
Common Quaker
Powdered Quaker moth
Powdered Quaker
Small Dotted Buff moth
Small Dotted Buff
scale-less moth
Dingy Shears moth
Dingy Shears
The Vestal moth
The Vestal 
Oak Nycteoline moth
Oak Nycteoline
Short-cloaked moth
Short-cloaked Moth 
Cloaked Minor moth
Cloaked Minor
Tawny Marbled Minor moth
Tawny Marbled Minor
Marbled Minor moth
Marbled Minor
Dingy Shell moth
Dingy Shell
    Meal Moth White Plume moth  
    SMALL MOTHS CONTINUED (Link above)   All photos by Elizabeth Barrett unless stated on page