Animal Humour - Reptile/Amphibian Photos

Chameleon with headache Deciding what colour to wear gives me a headache
otterly silly bagpipes "You've got a blooming cheek!"
Feeling a little blue Feeling a little blue
A little ruff Feeling a little ruff
Green Basilisk Basil was green with envy
Don't make me laugh "Don't make me laugh"
Day Gecko on Radiated Tortoise Gordon Gecko warms himself on a radiator
Other people's children "I hate being surrounded by other people's children"
Football season starts with colourful new strip The football season begins with colourful new shirts
Terrapin pyramid Terry trampled over everyone to get to the top
Someday Son all this will be yours "Someday, Son, all this will be yours"
Swimming out of the water Swimming lessons started out of the water
Full Monty Python 1
Full Monty Python 2
Full Monty Python 3
The Full Monty Python
Leopard tortoises "That Viagra's gone to my legs"
Frog rash Measles was a little rash
Iguana with spare set of teeth Iggy sometimes wore his teeth on his chin
The dentist The dentist
Charming Charming
Warts and all Warts and all

Photos are copyright (by Elizabeth Barrett)
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