Animal Humour - Bird Photos - Page 2

Nature's humour Who said Nature doesn't have a sense of humour?
Blackcaps "Who are you calling a Blackcap?"
Violet Turaco with birdflu mask Violet always wore her birdflu mask
Birdflu mask Eider my birdflu mask isn't working or my hair's green
Polly put kettle on Did you say "Put Polly on the kettle?"
Valentine "Will you be my valentine?"
Swallows navigating
Swallow navigating the Mediterranean How swallows navigate the Mediterranean
Santa competition The Father Christmas competition gets underway
Father Christmas The Father Christmas competition continues
The shadow The amazing shadow
Larking about Larking about
Anti-pigeon spikes "These anti-pigeon spikes are good to support my nest"
Jay-fox Michael Jay-fox
Troop inspection Troop inspection

Photos are copyright (by Elizabeth Barrett)
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