Common Blue Butterfly Polyommatus icarus

Common blue topside
Common blue underside
blue butterfly top
blue butterfly side
The beautiful Common Blue butterfly, male -- Totteridge Fields, North London
blue on buttercup
butterfly on buttercup
Common Blue side
Male Common Blue
Male Blue butterfly
Another male Common Blue
Common Blue female
Common Blue butterfly female
Female Common Blue usually has some blue scales, particularly near the body, but not always, - can be quite brown.
Common Blue butterfly female
Female Common Blue
Female Blue butterfly
The female Common Blue topside - brown with orange spots - can look similar to the Brown Argus, but the Brown Argus female has a full set of orange "lunes" on the forewing, unlike Common Blue (and male Argus). The underside is also similar to the Brown Argus but has an extra spot on the forewing (circled yellow) and two spots more distant on the hindwing.