Pyrrhura Conures

Pyrrhura ---------

Pyrrhura conures are colourful parrots full of personality


Blue-throated Conure Red-eared Conure - Ochre-marked Parakeet

The Blue-throated Conure, Pyrrhura cruentata, also called Ochre-marked Parakeet and Red-eared Conure comes from Brazil. It is the largest of the "Pyrrhura" Conures.

Blue-throated Conure Red-eared Conure - Ochre-marked Parakeet

"OMG is that the time?!"

Showing the blue throat (and the ochre mark)

Crimson-bellied Conure Crimson-bellied Conure

The Crimson-bellied Conure, Pyrrhura perlata perlata (prev. Pyrrhura rhodogaster), comes from Brazil and Bolivia

Crimson-bellied Conure Crimson-bellied Conure

The Crimson-bellied Conure has a "green cheek," a "blue throat," a "grey breast" and is somewhat "white-eared" but those are names of other conure species

Pearly Conure Pearly Conure

The Pearly Conure, Pyrrhura lepida, from Brazil (used to be Pyrrhura perlata until it was found that the type specimen was actually a young Crimson-bellied, so, following taxonomic rules, the name "perlata" was transferred to the Crimson-bellied and the Pearly Conure became lepida species.

Some refer to it as sub-species  Pyrrhura perlata lepida, but since it has its own sub-species, it is usually full species status as Pyrrhura lepida.

Miritiba Pearly Conure Miritiba Pearly Conure

Miritiba Pearly Conure, Pyrrhura lepida coerulescens, from a small region of coastal Brazil (Maranhao state) and nearing extinction in the wild.
Some sources refer to it as
Pyrrhura perlata coerulescens under the assumption mentioned above that the Pearly Conure itself is a sub-species of the Crimson-bellied.

Green-cheeked Conure Green-cheeked Conure

The Green-cheeked Conure, Pyrrhura molinae, comes from central South America. It has six sub-species including the Argentinian, the Crimson-tailed and the Yellow-sided Conure, a natural yellow morph that used to be thought a separate species. Several colour mutations in captivity include cinnamon, pineapple and turquoise.

Santa Cruz Green-cheeked Conure Restricta Green-cheeked Conure

The Santa Cruz, also called Restricta, sub-species of Green-cheeked Conure, Pyrrhura molinae restricta, is "restricted" to a small region of Bolivia.

Yellow-sided Green-cheeked Conure Painted Conure

 Yellow-sided morph of Green-cheeked Conure

The Painted Conure, Pyrrhura picta, comes from northern South America 

White-eared Conure Maroon-faced Conure

The White-eared Conure, Pyrrhura leucotis, also called Maroon-faced Parakeet, comes from Brazil.

Brazilian Grey-breasted Conures Maroon-faced Conure

Illustrated is the Brazilian Grey-breasted sub-species, Pyrrhura leucotis griseipectus. Another sub-species, Emma's Conure (P. l. emma) from Venezuela with a blue crown, is confusingly also classed by some as a sub-species of the Painted Conure (see above), which itself used to be thought a sub-species of the Maroon-faced/White-eared.

Rose-fronted Conure Rose-fronted Conure

The Rose-fronted Conure, Pyrrhura roseifrons, (sometimes called Red-crowned Parakeet leading to confusion with the New Zealand Kakariki of that name), comes from the western Amazon (Peru/Ecuador/Bolivia/Brazil). Used to be thought a sub-species of the Painted Conure above but now classed as a separate species.

Rose-crowned Conure Rose-headed Conure

The Rose-crowned or Rose-headed Conure, Pyrrhura rhodocephala, from Venezuela

Rose-crowned Conure Rose-headed Conure

Male and female Pyrrhura Conures have similar plumage.

Rose-crowned Conure Hoffman's Conure

Rose-crowned or Rose-headed Conure


  (Sulphur-winged/Hoffman's, Fiery-shouldered, Black-capped/Rock Parakeet/Sandia)