Black-winged/Abyssinian Lovebird Agapornis taranta

Black-winged Lovebirds male
Black-winged Lovebird male
The Black-winged Lovebird, also called the Abyssinian Lovebird, is native to Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Black-winged Lovebird male
Black-winged Lovebird
Black-winged Lovebirds male
The largest lovebird species, it is one of the few lovebirds in which male plumage differs from the female, the male (above) having a bright red brow extending just below the eye (giving a red-feathered eyering) whereas the female has an all green face and head.
Black-winged Lovebird male Both male and female have black-edged wings and black tail markings.
Black-winged Lovebird The male has black under-wings.
Black-winged Lovebird male They have large feet for their size.
The sound is less-shrill than other lovebirds -- more like squelching Wellington boots than a bird sound.
Black-winged Lovebird female The female doesn't have a red brow or eyerings.
Black-winged Lovebird female Her underwing is usually green but can have some black.
Black-winged Lovebird female Young female
They are the only lovebird that doesn't use any nesting material -- only their own down feathers to line the nest hole.