Bourke Parakeet/ Bourke's Parrot

Rosey/Rosa Bourke's Parakeet

Neopsephotus bourkii (prev. Neophema bourkii)


Rosa Bourke's Parakeet juvenile Bourke's Parrot

This species of grass parakeet from southwest/central Australia is known by several names: Bourke Parakeet, Bourke's Parrot, Bourke Grass Keet and (see below) Rosa Bourkes and Rosey Bourkes Parakeet. It's taxonomic (Latin/Greek/scientific) name has been changed from the previous Neophema bourkii to Neopsephotus (new pebbled) bourkii, since it has been determined to be a species on its own and cannot produce hybrids with other Neophema species.

Rosa Bourke's Parakeet Bourke's Parrot

 The adult male, above left, has a blue brow and dark bill; the female a grey/white brow and light bill. Both have grey-brown plumage with a pinky breast and blue rump.

Rosey Bourke's Parakeet Bourke's Parakeet
Rosey Bourke's Parrot Rosey Bourke's Parrot Rosey Bourke's Parrot
Rosey Bourke's Parrot Rosey Bourke's Parrot Rosa Bourke's Parakeet

Critically endangered in the wild, the Bourke Parakeet is common in captivity, both in its natural plumage and, more often,
in a variety of colour mutations.

The most usual of these is a pink mutation, known as the Rosa Bourke(s) or the Rosey Bourke(s).