Pink-backed Pelican

Pelecanus rufescens

Pink-backed Pelican Pink-backed Pelican
The Pink-backed Pelican rarely shows its pink back (can just be seen above); with wings closed it shows a white or grey-brown speckled back (the Roseate Great White shows a pink back).
A small pelican, it often has an untidy hairstyle and black eye make-up. Its legs and feet are pink. It comes from sub-Saharan Africa and Arabia. It is often the victim of fish hooks, oil spills, pesticides.
Pink-backed Pelican nesting Pink-backed Pelican male
Pink-backed Pelicans nesting -- the female housekeeping on the nest (above left) and the male sitting beside the nest (above right with black eyeliner).
Pink-backed Pelican Pink-backed Pelican Pink-backed Pelican
Pink-backed Pelicans in foreground and Great White in background  
Pink-backed Pelican Pink-backed Pelican Pink-backed Pelican
Pink-backed Pelicans are small and have pink legs, a striped lower bill and black eye-liner.

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