Sacred Ibis Threskiornis aethiopicus

Sacred Ibis in flight
Sacred Ibis
Sacred Ibis
The Sacred Ibis is native to North Africa and the Near East ("Sacred" in ancient Egypt). It is very similar in appearance to other species of white ibis with black head and tail native to India (Black-headed Ibis) and Australia (Australian White Ibis); also slightly similar to the American Wood Ibis, also known as American Wood Stork.
Sacred ibis in flight
Sacred ibis in flight Graceful in flight
Sacred Ibis
Sacred Ibis Juvenile
Sacred Ibis
Sacred Ibis
Sacred Ibis fighting M
Sacred Ibis fighting The fight -- like fencing
Sacred Ibis fighting
Sacred Ibis nesting "He's got his mother's beak"
When shall we three meet again? "When shall we three meet again . . ." (three witches, Shakespeare's Macbeth)
Sacred Ibis juvenile Juvenile in flight - black neck not yet developed

Australian White Ibis Threskiornis molucca

Australian White Ibis
australian ibis
australian ibis
The Australian White Ibis, related to the Sacred Ibis to which it looks similar in adult plumage, is common over much of Australia including, in recent times, urban areas.
Australian White Ibis reflecting
Taking tea Taking tea in Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens
Why did it cross the road? Why did the Ibis cross the road?