Snow Goose

also Blue Goose in blue phase

Chen caerulescens/Anser caerulescens

Snow Goose Snow Goose blue phase Snow Goose white phase

Snow Goose -- Rolls Royce impression

-- never pure white; always black under wing

Snow Goose, blue phase

Snow Goose, white phase

The Snow Goose has two colour morphs, they can be either the blue or the white type and can interbreed. Offspring can be of either colour regardless of parent colour.

The Snow Goose comes from North America, breeding in the sub-Arctic and wintering further south. Females will return to the same place where they hatched to breed.

Occasional vagrants arrive in the UK to winter and there is a feral colony in Scotland.

Snow Geese Snow Goose size Snow Geese synchronised grazing

Snow Goose, blue and white phases

Snow Goose size comparison with Swan and Barnacle Geese

Synchronised grazing

Snow Goose Blue Geese Snow geese

Snow Goose

Blue Geese

The Lesser Snow Goose (nominate) subspecies

(Blue Geese are rare in the more easterly Greater subspecies, but there is little difference in size or appearance)

Blue Snow Goose