Great Tit Parus major (newtoni)

Great Tit
Great Tit
The Great Tit has a greeny-grey back, a pale yellow front, white cheeks, a black cap and a black bib. It is a common bird in gardens and countryside, resident throughout the year; larger than the Blue Tit, it is also gregarious with its own kind and other birds, but can be pugnacious.
Great Tit and Blue TitGreat Tit (left) and Blue Tit (right).
Great Tits courtingCourtship feeding -- the male feeds food to the female to indicate he will feed when nesting.
Great Tit
Great Tit The male has a thick black line extending from bib almost to vent
Great Tit
Great Tit The female collects soft nest lining (a Bearded Tit?)
Great Tit The female has a thinner black line and only as far as her belly
Great Tit She often has more muted colours
Great Tit They love peanuts
Great Tit
Great Tit This one has been ringed
Great Tit Empty larder
Great Tit They are gregarious birds, but less so than the Blue Tits
Great Tit This whole peanut, only given in winter, was stolen from a jay
Great Tit The fledglings have pale yellow cheeks
Blue Tit and Great Tit fledglings Blue Tit fledgling (left) and Great Tit fledgling
Great Tit "Ow!"
Great Tit chick Mother breaks small pieces off a sunflower heart for her chick
Great Tit chick "Feed me!"
Great Tit chick Harassed mother has three more like this to feed
Great Tit Flight
Great Tit The tongue
Great Tit