Chicken 4 - Polish and Wyandotte

Gallus gallus domesticus

Polish chicken Polish chicken Polish chicken
Polish is a misnomer for this bizarre-looking crested chicken which originates in Asia but came to Europe via Poland. Above is the cockerel (obvious from his tail feathers).
The dahlia The dahlia Polish chickens
The dahlia (Polish hen). Polish chickens come in a variety of plumage colours (grey, buff, red) and laced patterns. Pair of Polish chickens 
Silver-laced Wyandotte hen Silver-laced Wyandotte Silver-laced Wyandotte
   The Wyandotte breeds were developed in USA. There are several colours, all based on the most popular Silver-laced plumage shown here. Others include blue-laced, black, golden-laced, white.
The Silver-laced has white feathers bordered with black like lace. Wyandottes appear perfect for friendliness, showing, egg-laying, meat production and good mothers.
Silver-laced Wyandotte Silver-laced Wyandotte cockerel Silver Sebright male
The hen has a short red comb and short black tail.
Both have fluffy black rear feathers.
The cockerel has a larger comb, large silvery neck feathers and rooster tail feathers For comparison, Silver Sebright bantam male, developed by Sir John Sebright, correspondent of Charles Darwin. Has hen-like tail


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